Why use Google account login?

Because the free version of the app often needs to be reinstalled, we need to use the account system to ensure that users' favs and play history can be saved.
Google Accounts will be store on the mobile phone, no need to log in again, so we use the Google account system.

Limit for Free user

We need your support to this App.

Free :

360 only




Special certificates issued IOS APP

No Ads.

Apple TV APP


Payment method

Currently only support Paypal.

APP will redirect to www.paypal.com to pay.

IOS login error: "safari can't open page because URL is invalid"

Because we use the latest H265 encoding, our app requires IOS 11.3 and above to use.

IOS minimum version requirements

Because we use the latest H265 encoding, our app requires IOS 11.3 and above to use.

Apple TV 3 generations without images? How to use on Apple TV 3 generation?

Because we use the latest H265 encoding, Direct to Airplay need  Apple TV 4 generation or 4K or later.

If you have an Apple tv 3 generation, you need to use the screen mirror function. 

Please open Screen Mirror in control center before play, and then click to play.

What is a special VIP version?

We will give the VIP member a special certificate issued IOS app, because a few users, so there will be no frequent reinstall. Please do not share this it publicly.

Where download the TV APP.

Please download it from my website.

Available on APPLE TV and Android TV Box,Apple TV only supports 4 generations or 4K or newer, and only for VIP members.

Is there a limit on the number of devices?

There is no limit on the number of devices, but based on the principle of fairness, we will limit the abuse of resources and account sharing, and block accounts without prior notice.

5 devices can manage the device freely under each account, but the total number cannot exceed.

Can I refunds?

No refunds.

Can I download MovieBoxPro on a PC/Laptop?

MovieBoxPro is now available for Android and iOS. However, you can also use MovieBoxPro for PC/Laptop also.

You cannot use this app directly on PC/Laptop but there’s another option for downloading so that all kinds of devices can support this app. You will need to install android emulator such as Bluestacks (or other android emulator you know).

Steps to Download and Install Bluestacks Emulator:
1.Open Browser on your PC and get the “Bluestacks Emulator”Download Bluestacks (it takes some time).
2.After downloading Bluestacks, install it on your PC/Laptop.
3.After installing Bluestacks it ask for the login to your Google account.
4.After successfully log in you can start using Bluestacks emulator.

Steps to Download and Install MovieBoxPro for PC/Laptop:
1.Now You can search for MovieBoxPro app on Bluestacks. If you find the icon of MovieBoxPro then download directly from 2.Bluestacks. If you didn’t find then go to next steps.
3.Open https://www.movieboxpro.app in browser under Bulestacks.
4.Download MovieBoxPro apk file.
5.Go to the downloaded folder and install it.

Now MovieBoxPro app will be shown on Bluestacks home page, enjoy it

Are you using a P2P protocol like Bittorrent, Webtorrent, Popcorn Time etc.?

 No. Unlike many other apps/sites, we don't.  That is considered illegal in most countries. Be careful when using torrent streaming apps/sites.

How install Apple TV APP

You can Download from my website.