Update Logs

IOS APP update logs

2019.4.12 3.3

Add speed test

Add Invitation register

Change MovieList Image size

2019.3.29 3.2

Optimized the use of subtitles

Performance enhancement

Bug fix

Multi-language support

2019.3.18 3.1

Add preferred caption reminder
Video add alternate play address
Fix some bugs

2019.3.6  3.0

Movielist delete

Movie page add related movielists
Added H264 movie resources, support system login for iOS10 and above
Fix some bugs

2019.2.22  2.9

TV series increases the play progress and status of each episode.
Movie cover add video definition mark.
Language Audio priority English.
The TV exits within 3 minutes before the end Episode, auto mark it played, prompt to play the next Episode when continue play.

Exit the player after the movie has finished playing.

Fix some known bugs

2019.2.22 2.9

TV series increases the progress and status of each episode
Cover and detail page add video highest definition mark
Fix some  bugs

2019.2.2 2.8

optimization backgroud download.

2019.1.25 2.7

Add modify the username.

2019.1.18  2.6

Add chromecast subtitles support.

Add select language code after search opensubtitle.

2019.1.13  2.5

TV shows autoplay when end of section.

Add ChromeCast support

Add file source sort.

Fixed bugs 

2019.1.10  2.3 2.4: Fix some bugs.

2018.12.29  2.2: Support TV version. Subtitle font can be adjusted

2018.12.17  2.1:

Fixed free user switch FHD,HD,SD crash bugs.

2018.12.12  2.0:

Fixed bugs.

Add the close subtitle button.

Fixed search opensubtitle on TV show can't work bug.

2018.12.7 1.9:

Add opensubtitles.org search

2018.12.4 1.8:

Fix some bugs.

2018.11.30 1.7:

Optimize subtitle adjustment.

2018.11.23 1.6:

Added subtitle download with film function.

Optimized interface.

Fixed some bugs

2018.11.15 1.5:

Fix iPad playback horizontal screen flashback problem.

Optimized some interfaces

2018.11.9 1.4:

Add movielist

2018.10.26 1.3:

Added support for clarity switching in the player.

Added a TV episode update set to my favorites list.

All screens support horizontal display.

2018.11.23  1.2:

Subtitles adjust time in the player.

2018.10.19  1.1:

Add TV shows.

2018.10.13  1.0:

Begin,Main function completion.

Android APP update logs

1.0 Born

1.1 Add TV shows

1.2 Add TV shows download

1.3 Add TV version login support.

2019.1.18   1.4  Add hardware encode support´╝îadd Chromecast support, add device manager.

2019.1.24  1.5  fixed TV shows subtitle error.

1.6  bugs fixed.optimization

2019.2.3  1.7 bugs fixed

2019.2.21  1.9 Add language audio select

2019.3.5     2.0  Fixed chromecast,Add h264 support.Player add more button(Decoder,speed,Floating Window).

2019.3.6     2.1 Bug fixes clarity button.

2019.3.10-2019.3.20 . 2.2-2.7 bugs fixed

2019.3.29  2.9 

Optimized the use of subtitles

Performance enhancement

Bug fix
Multi-language support

2019.4.12  3.0

Add speed test

Add Invitation register

Apple TV update logs

1.0 Born  

1.1 Bugs fixed.

Android TV update logs

2019.1.11  1.0  Born

2019.1.14   1.1  Add hardware encode support. 

2019.1.24  1.2 fixed TV shows subtitle error.

1.3-.1.6  bugs fixed.optimization

2019.2.3  1.7 bugs fixed

2019.2.21  1.8 Add language audio select