How to get an invitation code

 The user's position must be no more than 1 km from the generator, and the invitation code should be used within 20 minutes after the generation, otherwise it will be invalid.

Download security issues

It is very safe. We use the latest https technology to encrypt all traffic between the APP and you. It is impossible for operators and the government to know what movies you have downloaded and watched, so please feel free to use it.
We do not use P2P technology like Bittorrent, Webtorrent, Popcorn Time etcThat is considered illegal in most countries. Be careful when using torrent streaming apps/sites.

How to use MovieBoxPro in third-party apps

How to download an app onto the Amazon firestick

Install Downloader app on firestick if you are not install it yet, and open it,then enter https://www.movieboxpro.app/tv to download  MovieBoxPro tv.

Why use Google account to log in

Because the free version of the app often needs to be reinstalled, we need to use the account system to ensure that users' favs and play history can be saved.
Google Accounts will be store on the mobile phone, no need to log in again, so we use the Google account system.
Your login process is all on the google.com domain. It is impossible for us to obtain your password. Please rest assured.

Limit for Free user

We need your support.

Free :

360 only



ORG source,HD,FHD,360

No Ads.

Apple TV APP,android TV APP


Payment method

Sorry, we don't support paypal at this time. The APP has a variety of payment methods that can be selected, please check in the APP for details.

How to cancel AutoPay in PayPal

  1. Click the Settings cog next to "Log out."
  2. Click the Payments tab, then click Manage automatic payments under "Automatic payments."
  3. Select the payment you'd like to cancel, then click Cancel.

How to refund

Before you buy, you are free to use the free version.
The free version includes all features, but the clarity of resources is different.
If you want a refund, please contact us .

Please do not send transaction disputes directly through the bank.
This will increase our costs and also affect your credit card reputation.
We will permanently disable any account that has a transaction dispute.

Upgrade to family package

If you are already a VIP member, you can upgrade to a family package at any time.
You need to pay for the family package again, and the old VIP balance will be converted into the new package time.
You are currently purchasing a one-year VIP package for US$23.99, which has been used for 6 months, and there is about US$12 remaining. If you want to upgrade to the new one-year family plan, you still need to pay 35.99 US dollars ($0.1/day).
The new package time is: 485 days=12/0.1+365
At present, you can't downgrade from family package to ordinary VIP package by yourself, please contact us if you need it.
If you have any questions about this conversion plan, contact us, we can calculate it for you manually, you only need to pay the difference to complete the upgrade.

What is a family package

The family plan packs up to 5 independent accounts into one payment, and the accounts are completely independent. Share 4 screens online at the same time.
The main family account can invite other members at any time, and members can log out at any time.

If the member is already a VIP, the invitation requires the member's consent, and the original VIP time will disappear after consent.

More about Family Package

How to use on Apple TV 3 generation

If you have an Apple tv 3 generation, you need to use the screen mirror function or AirPlay. 

If you want to screen mirror ,Please open Screen Mirror in control center before play, and then click to play.

Which Chromecast device support

Support for all Chromecast protocol devices, such as Google 1st to 3rd generation, and Ultra 4K.
Support mibox, some smart TV.

How to change audio track when casting with chromecast

Change audio track is not supported when casting witch chromecast by default.

But there is a way to change audio track when casting with chromecast.

1.Switch to VLC engine.

2.Open chromecast dialog,then click 'Another way'.

3.Select a chromecast to cast,then you can change audio track as usual.

This way need you to keep MovieBoxPro open,if you close the play page,the cast will stop.

Limit number of devices

There is no limit on the number of devices, but based on the principle of fairness, we will limit the abuse of resources and account sharing, and block accounts without prior notice.

10 devices can manage the device freely under each account, but the total number cannot exceed.

The family package can be watched on 4 screens at the same time.
For other types, only one screen can be online.

No chromecast button

It is not a version downloaded from the official, it may not appear this button, you can re-download it on the official website.

Forget child mode password

You can delete APP and reinstall.

How to request a Movie / TV Show

Please use Tickts  to submit to us. Our app is focused on English speakers, mainly in North America and Europe.
Non-English resources are generally not included unless they are particularly well-known movies or TV.